Cutting wire

Cutting wires for thermal cutting of EPS blocks or other particle foams.
These wires show superior behaviour regarding heat resistance and hot tensile strength.

They are available in various alloys and wire diameters:


Type 2000    copper coated

Approved industry standard alloy for many hot cutting processes.
Good combination of tensile strength and elongation. The copper coating enables a good dissipation of process heat.


Type 2010    uncoated

Same alloy as type 2000, but without copper coating. Due to the missing copper coating, heat dissipation is not as good.
May be used as a less expensive alternative.


Type 2001    copper coated

High performance alloy with most superior durability at elevated temperatures.

  • Much more stress resistant and breaks less often.
    Enables much higher cuttings speeds in many cases.
    Allows much higher productivity of machines and significantly reduced downtime of machines.
  • Much lower elongation at elevated temperatures.
    This leads to a better accuracy in cutting, in particular for longer wire lengths.


Type 2015    uncoated

Depending on process and machine type this can be a suitable alternative.


Standard presentation is spool K 80 with 0.5 kg.

Larger spols or other spools types (e.g. welding wire spool SH 253.5) are also possible on request.


Samples can be provided on request. Please feel free to contact us.

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